Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Diet Medicine is in Trials for Heart Benefits

Researchers in Perth, West Australia will be testing a brand new weight-loss pill in the hope it will not only help people lose weight but also reduce their chance of heart diseases by increasing levels of good cholesterol or HDL. Royal Perth Hospital test, as part of an international test, could prove the anti-obesity pill [...]

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

How To Get The Most Out Of Going To A Trade Show

Ever since the first artificial satellite was put on an orbit around Earth, what at first seemed as a scientific peculiarity turned into an essential piece of technology that transformed our daily lives. With the advent of geostationary satellites, global communications became much simpler, as well as much cheaper. New possibilities beckoned for an old acquaintance of ours: television. It was now possible to broadcast past the limitations of normal broadcast antennas, via satellite, to everyone in the world.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Avril Lavigne!

The Canadian singer has just premiered the full version of her new song, What The Hell? and….
If you like Avril, you will probably like this song.
It's not bad, but….
It's more of the same ol'. A tad uninspired.
We don't think this will win her many new fans and we're not sure this will [...]


We have to wait until the end of May for the album????

Grrrrr! We're impatient!

Thankfully, though, the reigning Queen of Pop announced at the stroke of midnight that she is dropping her new single the day before Valentine's Day.

Get ready!!!!!

Put your paws up!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 50 Christmas Songs (Original)

An article describing Siegfried's slaying of the dragon, Fafner and how thanks to this act he finally accomplishes the task of gaining the ring. This also being one of the major points in Wagner's cycle of operas known as "The Ring". As for this particular scene, it is one which I recommend to all those who are just starting to enjoy opera or are seeking to do so. As it allows us to experience the full strength of dramatic opera, including action as well as the power of Wagner's music.

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The Spending budget � The Ultimate Financial Management Tool

There's a lot of people which at the moment are being affected by the increasing living costs. This is the reason why it might be crucial that you discover ways to take care of your money correctly. To begin with it will be essential that you figure out how to improve your income. For example you may need to setup a brand new business. There are many suggestions on the internet for example affiliate marketing tools that you can think about. It could also be advisable that you simply figure out how to invest your hard earned dollars. Here are also there are many good sources for example simulation placement that are available on the internet. If you start saving your money early you might be able to accumulate enough money in order to fructify your revenue. This may assist you to enjoy a holiday for example croisiere caraibes while you are in old age. . I've attached an article on financial management below to get you get started in the best condition.
A carpenter utilizes a set of home plans to build a home. If he didn�t the bathroom might get ignored altogether.Rocket Scientists would never begin construction on a new booster rocket with out a comprehensive set of design specs. However the majority of us go blindly out into the world without an inkling of an idea about finances and with out any plan in any respect.Not extremely smart of us, is it?
A cash plan is called a spending budget and it's crucial to get us to our preferred monetary goals.With out a strategy we will drift with out direction and wind up marooned on a distant monetary reef.
If you have a partner or a substantial other, you should make this spending budget with each other. Sit down and determine what your joint monetary objectives are�long term and short phrase.Then strategy your route to obtain to those objectives. Each and every journey begins with one stage and also the first step to attaining your goals would be to create a reasonable spending budget that each of you are able to reside with.A spending budget should by no means be considered a financial starvation diet plan. That won�t function for your long haul. Make affordable allocations for food, clothing, shelter, utilities and insurance and put aside a reasonable amount for enjoyment and the occasional luxury item. Savings ought to usually come initial prior to any spending.Even a little amount saved will assist you to reach your long term and short term financial goals. You are able to discover numerous spending budget types on the internet. Just use any search engine you choose and kind in �free spending budget forms�.You�ll get lots of hits. Print 1 out and work on it together with your spouse or substantial other. Each of you will need to be pleased using the last outcome and really feel like it�s some thing you can stay with.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tom Waits Early Years Fully Covered!

I have been dilly-dallying with music production software ever since I downloaded a free copy of Cool Edit way back in high school. It was kind of bulky, but I decidedly adored it. I unexpectedly had a powerful programme in my grasp that could do all kinds of musical things that I had never imagined possible.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Make Good Hip Hop Beats

The word royalty free music is becoming more common place as time goes by but not many people know what it entails. This is the one of the ways a person can easily license background sounds for their production, without having to worry about the clearance issues. They will be able to make a single payment for using different sounds in different productions as well as worldwide distribution without having to pay extra charges.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Using Your Pet Store for More Than Just Supplies

Those who own art galleries know that after a sale of fine artwork is made to a new client, a fresh headache begins when you consider how to get the artwork to its new home without damage. The surface of fine art photographs as well as paintings are very delicate, and can be harmed by having liquids dropped on them, or scratches to the surface can mar it as well. It is always wise to carefully protect your fine artwork any time it needs to be transported or stored, and there are several ways to do that.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

MP3 Players: The Future Of Music

Are vinyl records and their sleeves a work of Art? Can a vinyl record be a beautiful object? In it's simplest form a black pressed disc isn't too beautiful, but Vinyls come in sleeves, with lyrics, posters and in all colours with printed images or patterns. Even CDs as a kind of middleweight in the Digital Vinyl showdown offer only a limited experience as they spin at epileptic inducing speeds. Before I get any complaints: CD's do not cause epileptic fits!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Spectacular Year 2010

Investors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are looking for a quick return on their money, other are looking more long term. Some prefer to invest in products close to their heart. Others may wish only for a large percentage increase. We examine the highly profitable world of art in our society today.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The History and Craftsmanship of the Thumb Piano

For both locals and tourists, the Santa Barbara Bowl is the place to be. There are a number of fantastic events coming up at the Bowl; here's my list of what's worth seeing and what's not. Music fanatics who live in the city of Santa Barbara or who plan on visiting in the next few months may be interested to know that there are several upcoming performances and concerts happening at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mamasox Loyalty: Crystal Bowersox Has Loyal Fans Around the Globe

You aren't the first person who's wanted to make rap beats online, nor will you be the last. Which is why the only way that you can be sure that the beats you make online will be the best, is to get the best software for the job. When you make rap beats online, or when you hear about someone else who learned how to make rap beats online, there's always the expectation that the quality isn't going to be all that impressive.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lindsay Lohan to Read David Letterman Top 10

Days after being charged with grand theft we hear the Lindsay Lohan is going to read the David Letterman Top 10. She will appear on Thursday (Feb. 17th) night’s show via satellite and I am sure it will draw a crowd. For more details, with photos and videos, keep reading below.

The actress that has been [...]

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arts and Entertainment from

If you would like to become a model there are a lot of different questions you should ask yourself before attempting to do so. Trying to become a model should be considered a career choice instead of just a hobby if your intent is to become successful. If you decide to make this career choice you should also understand that it will also require time and money to initially start. When starting your new modeling career you should also be aware that you may have to relocate and travel to...

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Review Casio CDP 100 88 Note Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano

Born as Stefani Joanne Germanotta on March twenty-eight, 1986, she's today referred to as Lady GaGa all over the whole world. G's acquired fame came not to long ago, at the time she launched her first album Fame in August of 2008. On the project she produced the music chart topping single "Just Dance," and that track launched her in to stardom. Her unique artist name originate from music producer Rob Fusari.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Misdirection in Magic Tricks

At the time you think High definition, you would imagine higher quality, wider shade space, and state-of-the-art compression setting calculations that deliver a considerable improvement in video good quality. But not all HD video cameras are made the same, and the variety available could be complicated.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Become a Songwriter Break Those Bad Habits

Most Bob Dylan albums include songs that were heavily laden with influence from his exposure to blues, folk and country music. I have been an ardent Dylan follower for over 30 years since I was introduced to his songs by my music teacher back in grade school. I was instantly hooked to his songs, and found myself spending my evenings listening to his recordings; enraptured by his original, strange and compelling music. If you are a big Dylan fan like me, then you probably are a big fan of these albums, which give a glimpse of his greatness.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Arts and Entertainment from

It is obviously evident you have now made your choice to buy a musical instrument. Its purpose can either be for exercising what you already know or what you want to know. With money at hand, do not be very eager to rush to a seller. Think before you act. Whether you are aiming at getting an entirely new instrument or a fairly used one, think of the following ideas.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

50 Cent Will Shovel Your Snow For $100

Earlier today, 50 Cent (née Curtis James Jackson, III) took some time out of his bizzy creepin’ around with comedienne Chelsea Handler schedule to announce to his legion of Twitter followers that he is making himself available to shovel people’s show for the low, low price of $100 … tho, it’ll cost you a bit [...]

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ibanez RG370DX Review

You may know Jeffrey Cain from his band Remy Zero, and their contribution of the song "Fair" on the Garden State Soundtrack. Or if you were lucky enough, you may have even caught them opening for Radiohead on the "Bends" tour. You may also have heard the Emmy Nominated theme song to FX's Nip/Tuck... also his. The following is an interview I conducted on 12/6/10 with Jeffrey, a man who is equal parts humble as grateful.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christina Aguilera Comes Home To Max Liron For Xmas

When last we saw photos of Christina Aguilera, she was celebrating her 30th birthday with her new love interest Matt Rutler as the pair toured Europe together on Xtina‘s Burlesque promo tour. Today we get to see photos of Xtina back home here in SoCal with her son Max Liron as the pair ran around [...]

Yesterday was a gloriously warm, sunny and RAINFREE day here in LA and David and I made the most of it. Since this is the first year we are spending Xmas together (as opposed to with our families on opposite ends of the country), we decided to keep things really quiet for just the two of us. We started out the day with an Xmas Eve brunch of Aussie Cheese Fries from Outback Steakhouse … and the day just got better from there.

After we stuffed our faces with cheesy deliciousness at Outback, we went for a walk together to enjoy the beautiful weather. After we came home to relax for a bit, we made our way to La Boheme Cafe in West Hollywood, CA for a lovely Xmas Eve dinner together. Then we came home to watch a few Xmas specials on TV … naturally, A Charlie Brown Christmas was top on our list. We fell asleep watching White Christmas and, well, that was our night. Altho it sounds like any of our regular nights together, this one was really special … in fact, any night that David and I get to spend together is a special night. I hope your Xmas Eve was just as special for you!! Happy Holidays!!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Heidi Montag Reveals Botched Plastic Surgery

This reality tv starlet feels as if she is living a nightmare! Heidi Montag has revealed details about her botched plastic surgery and has the photos to prove it. Find out more and see a video right here!

It’s been over a year since Heidi Montag went under the knife, and even she says [...]

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

‘Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark’s Technical Woes Get The Animated Treatment

The industrious folks at Next Media responsible for all those timely and very entertaining animated news clips about the various scandals and foibles that celebrities have recently gotten themselves involved in, have turned their attention to the embattled Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. As usual, the clip chronicles the story pretty descriptively and [...]

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kim Kardashian Works It Out!

Looking good!
Even though the holidays are here, Kim Kardashian certainly isn't taking a break from working on her fitness, and was spotted on Christmas Eve heading into an El Lay gym!

We're impressed, bb. That must take a lot of determination!
Keep up the good work! It shows.
[Image via GSI Media.]

With love, from Egypt!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Should I Create a Spending budget?

It is a truth that life has turn out to be more and more difficult with the rising cost of living. Simply because of this that you'll want to learn how you can maintain your finance. First off you will need to learn how to increase your income. For example you might like to set up a new business. There are plenty of ideas on the net for instance blog marketing tools that one could consider. It might even be advisable that you simply discover ways to invest your hard earned dollars. Here are also there are some good sources for instance Conseils placements that are available on the internet. If you begin saving your cash early you might really be able to accumulate enough money in order to fructify your revenue. This might assist you to enjoy a holiday for example croisiere mediterranee when you are in old age. . I have attached an article on financial management below to help you get get started in the best condition.
You say you know exactly where your money goes and you don�t need it all created right down to maintain up with it? I problem you this problem. Maintain track of every penny you spend for one month and I do mean each and every penny.You will be shocked at what the itty-bitty expenditures add as much as. Take the total you invested on just one unnecessary merchandise for your month, multiply it by 12 for months inside a year and multiply the result by five to symbolize 5 many years.That is just how much you could have saved AND drawn interest on in only 5 many years. That, my buddy, is the extremely reason all of us require a spending budget.If we can get control of the little expenses that really don�t matter to the general scheme of our lives, we are able to enjoy financial success.The little issues truly do count. Cutting what you spend on lunch from five dollars a day to three dollars each day on every work day inside a five day work week saves $10 a week� $40 a month� $480 a year� $2400 in five years�.plus interest.See what I mean� it really Will be the little issues and also you nonetheless eat lunch daily AND which was only one location to save cash inside your every day residing without doing with out one factor you really require. There are a lot of places to cut expenditures if you look for them.
Set some particular long phrase and brief phrase goals. There are no wrong answers here. If it�s important for you, then it�s important period.If you want to have the ability to create a down payment on a home, begin a college fund for the children, purchase a sports automobile, consider a holiday to Aruba� anything� then that is your objective as well as your reason to get a handle on your monetary situation now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

TidySongs Review: What Does It Feature?

Music has evolved over time, and so has our way of listening to it. For thousands of years, people listened to music live. However, innovations in sound recording and reproduction allowed us to listen to music anywhere and anytime. From big brass gramophones to small MP3 players, the way we listen and enjoy music has certainly evolved over time. Along with this evolution includes the need for constant innovation in terms of organizing music. One of the breakthrough innovations of music organization is the creation of music software like Tidysongs.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doug Ratner Eye to Eye Album Review

TidySongs is a type of software program that helps users of iPods and iPhones to optimize the iTunes music library. The software can be downloaded easily and can automatically be used as it is very user friendly. This software does a lot of things for its users like removing duplicate songs, fixing song details, filling in genres, artists and years and adding missing or incomplete album artwork. Here is an in depth look at some of the features of TidySongs:

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheap Rogers Waters Tickets Where to Find Them?

The first impressions of visitors to the Le Marche region are usually a feeling of having stepped back in time, or, intruded slightly on a scene from a historical play, as locals continue to live life, unaffected by the stresses of modern living. The life of a "Marchegiana", or inhabitant of Le Marche, remains steadfastly focused on the family and the communities that cluster around the rosy medieval towns that adorn Marche's wonderful rolling countryside.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Message From MJ: Make Huge $

Solid advice, we think!
One of the last known written messages from the desk of Michael Jackson was auctioned off on eBay this week. The memo, which strangely was written on Dr. Arnie Klein's stationary, seemed to be notes Michael was making to himself about upcoming projects - including his This Is It London tour.
As you [...]

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Handling The Sad Reality Behind Vinyl Records

Music is what many out there are crazy about. With countless number of musicians and pros present out there, only few that make a mark for themselves on the souls of the listeners are categorized as legacy. One such Hawaiian musician that simply is an icon and one of the finest in the Hawaiian territory is what Israel kamakawiwo'ole depicts.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Effectiveness of USB Drum Kits

We Came As Romans - "To Move On Is To Grow" We Came As Romans is a Post-Hardcore band signed to Equal Vision Records. This is one of the few bands that actually brings a solid "new" sound to this overly saturated scene. Their first record "To Plant A Seed" really kicked some butt, and their latest single "To Move On Is To Grow" isn't backing down!

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