Monday, February 28, 2011

Get To Know Marian Pabon

Born with the name John Winston Lennon on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England, most of his childhood was spent with his aunt's family, Mimi Smith. Music and guitar became John's favorite while his mother, Julia Stanley, gave him a guitar. Unfortunately, her aunt was not so supportive of this hobby.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jessica McClure: ‘Baby Jessica’ Rescue Remembered (VIDEO)

Jessica McClure was the child who became trapped in a Texas well in 1987. The ‘Baby Jessica’ rescue has re-entered America’s consciousness this week as we marvel at the rescue efforts in Chile. See her all grown up here.

I remember it clearly. I was six, my younger brother was four, and my older brother eight. [...]

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The Arcade Fire Have Invaded the Suburbs

Learning to play the piano keyboard for beginners is a challenging yet rewarding experience which can eventually turn into a passion. While some musicians may say that it took them a lifetime to achieve their pursuit of being a master in this field, a regular Joe may actually find it easier learning to play piano thanks to the tools made available today and with the current technology.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

David Arquette Dishes On His Split From Courteney Cox

Yesterday afternoon the surprising news broke that Courteney Cox and David Arquette decided to split up after 11 years of marriage … a split that took place months ago but only yesterday came to light officially. Earlier today, Arquette called in to the Howard Stern Show to talk about the split and reveal when the [...]

Back in August we got our first look at the cast of the newest Housewives in the Bravo TV stable of programmingThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Today we get to see photos from the premiere event for the show which was held, naturally, in Beverly Hills, CA last night. In addition to the new Housewives themselves, a plethora of A-List celebs also strutted their stuff down the red carpet at the event — A-Listers like La Toya Jackson, Nicky & Paris Hilton … AND her wonky eye:

The Hilton sisters were there to support their aunts who are featured castmembers of The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsParis‘s wonky eye was dragged there against its will … poor thing. I have no idea why La Toya Jackson was there … perhaps she saw the red carpet and camera flashbulbs and decided to swing by. To be honest, as much as I enjoy watching the different versions of The Real Housewives, I kinda feel like things are getting out of hand. If anything could kill the successful franchise, it would be the vapid ostentatious of the ladies of Beverly Hills. The Real Housewives of DC really tried my patience last season … it was very boring to watch. I’ll give the Beverly Hills ladies a chance but if they end up sucking, I’ll be out. Are any of y’all planning to watch this newest version of The Real Housewives?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Contemporary Views On The Art Of Past Centuries

Many pianos owners and enthusiasts wonder if their piano is a candidate for rebuilding and have questions about the type of piano they own and whether it is suitable for restoration work. Knowing the basics about the three most common models of antique pianos can help you develop a plan for proceeding with rebuilding.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Les News, 011211

Tina Fey is makin’ a new movie. Tom Hanks’s son is a Rapper. Shock! Ever the poor victim, Sarah Palin ignorantly misuses the term “blood libel” for her own selfish ends. I guess THIS means no more Chick-Fil-A for me. Kate Hudson is pregs. “It was THIS big” — Channing Tatum. The return of The [...]

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Arts-and-Entertainment:Music from

The first thing that you get to hear when someone decides call you on your mobile phone is the ringtone that alerts you about the incoming call. There are chances that you may be in crowded places where the ringtone not only alerts you about the call, but also garners attention from the onlookers. Hence, it is important that you choose the right ringtones and download it from credible websites because it not only gives you a wide range of interesting tones to download from, you can also be rest assured that you will not be inviting any viruses that can potentially destroy the data on your mobile phone.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gollum Returns For The Hobbit!

Casting's coming along nicely, we think.
Sources are reporting that Andy Serkis has closed his deal to reprise his role as Gollum in The Hobbit.
So far, he's joining pretty much the entire original cast, including Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood.
Still waiting on a done deal from Ian McKellen's corner though.
C'mon, precious! Ink that up!


With the kind of viewership this show is pulling in, we knew this was coming!

ABC Family announced today that their wildly successful series, Pretty Little Liars, has been renewed for a second season!

Congratulations! So exciting!

Oh, and for some reason Secret Life of the American Teenager also got picked up for a fourth season.


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iTunes Cleaner - Clean iTunes And Restore Your Music Library

I don't believe there is anyone out there who at least to some degree would not love to be able to play a musical instrument of some kind. Whether it be piano or guitar, or what have you, everyone has that desire. But there has always been one thing standing in the way, and that is the time required, and the need for an instructor to teach you those skills - That is unless you're a super talented prodigy capable of picking up most any instrument and playing it right from the get go.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picture Framing - Antique Versus Modern Techniques

For beer aficionados around the world, October means one thing - enjoying cold brew dressed up in costumes befitting the celebration of Oktoberfest! This annual celebration that takes place in Munich, Germany is jubilantly ushered in as the mayor loudly proclaims to the crowds, "Bavaria is tapped!" I know my beer mug is ready! With over 7 million visitors to this largest beer festival of its kind, one can only imagine how many pints of beer are quaffed! From ales in authentic tankards to German foods, there is so much to do and see - including people watching the revelers in their Oktoberfest costumes. Why not join in the fun this year and wear a costume yourself!

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Coupons Online Dunkin Donuts

Coupons online Dunkin Donuts and free Dunkin Donuts coupons are offered by Dunkin Donuts which is the largest baked goods and coffee chain in the world since 1950. Apart from that, Dunkin Donuts provides their loyal customers with baked goods, coffee, donuts, and bagels of high quality. However, they are immensely popular around the world [...]

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kanye To Headline The Thanksgiving Day Parade!

We can't even BEGIN to imagine what he's got in store for this!
Kanye West is set to appear during the live telecast of the 84th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, alongside India.Arie, Keri Hilson, and the casts of the Broadway musicals American Idiot, Elf, and Memphis!
Expect holiday messages from the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Joan [...]

sandra bullock and son louis in nyc

Such a good momma!

While leaving her New York City hotel on Tuesday, Sandra Bullock held on tight to her son Louis.

Awwww. So cute.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Tish Cyrus Had Affair With Bret Michaels?

Sources are claiming the reason for Miley Cyrus’ parents divorcing is because Tish had a fling with rocker Bret Michaels!   Read more on Bret and Tish’s alleged affair below. Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce from Tish Cyrus after 17 years of marriage after discovering her affairs. Reports say that Billy Ray learned of one [...]

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Friday, February 18, 2011

EQ Tips

U2 is undoubtedly one of the most popular rock and roll bands of recent times and has tons of hit songs that get lots of radio play. If you listen closely to the guitar player who calls himself The Edge, you will hear something strange going on - a sort of echo in the sound coming out of his guitar. What is that?

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Rocket Piano - Learn To Play Piano in Easy Way

Music has always been a part of Cheriana's family, having a Jamaican mother, whose family exposed her to Reggae, Ska, Funk, Soul, Disco and Hip Hop at an early age. Songs were the focus in the house so she caught the fever. This expanded into Rock, House and Dance (Really, just about anything that was good!) leading to her study and perform Acting, African Dancing and Singing, and finally to DJing as an inevitable step.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arts-and-Entertainment:Music from

If you're trying to learn how to make your own beats, then you have to have a full understanding of exactly what that entails. You don't have to be a professional singer or musician in order to know how to make your own beats (though, if you did, then you would be one of the few with the ability to do so). To be able to know how to make your own beats, you have to have a certain something.

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Jamorama Review

Beats maker software is available as both a downloadable product or an online based product. Each has it's pro's and con's. Downloadable software will reside on your own computer and you can take it anywhere you go. Online based software requires internet service so if you travel a lot in the deep valleys of some backwoods mountain range, you might not be able to connect. Seriously though, internet access is so prevalent these days it's hard to find a spot that's not connected.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Singer Lily Allen Suffers Miscarriage At Six Months Along

This is so heartbreaking!  Lily Allen was six months pregnant with a baby boy and suffered a miscarriage.  Read more on Lily Allen’s miscarriage below. Lily Allen, 25, who was six months pregnant with a baby boy, was rushed to the hospital on Thursday having stomach pain. Doctors tried to save the life of the [...]

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PITNB Readers, Hallowe’en 2010

I know I usually post photos submitted by Pink is the new Blog readers on Saturdays but I recieved a lot of fun Hallowe’en photos so I’m gonna post a few of them today and I’ll post a few more next Saturday. Here is today’s batch of photos sent in by Pink readers — Maria [...]

Penn Badgley turns 24 years old today and in celebration of his birthday, he was presented with a chocolate cake on the set of Gossip Girl in NYC earlier today. Unfortch for Penn, because this impromptu birthday party took place on the GG set, he had to “celebrate” with his ex-girlfriend and GG co-star Blake Lively:

Now, it’s entirely possible that things between Penn and Blake are just fine in the wake of their recent break-up … then again, things could be totally shitty depending who did the breaking up with who … especially when you consider that the couple have to work so closely together on set day after day. Let’s send all of our Birthday Lurve to Penn today in the hopes that his birthday is a Happy one, not a Crappy one.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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iVoices: Battling Bullies One Dress at a Time

iVoice Beth Engelman takes us to the stage at the Chicago Children's Theatre, where a hit musical featuring mean girls and an immigrant student who wears the same dress every day provides a timely message about what kids -- and parents -- can do to fight bullying and keep other children happy and safe.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Having a Big Repertoire

The higher the vibrational frequency of the music the greater it is as a carrier into silence and the greater the impact on our well being. In the beginning was sound, sound is the most primordial state without, which, nothing could be! When a baby is born the first thing the medical staff look for in order to establish this new life is the baby's cry - when the baby cries all is known to be well.

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Coupons Online Dunkin Donuts

Coupons online Dunkin Donuts and free Dunkin Donuts coupons are offered by Dunkin Donuts which is the largest baked goods and coffee chain in the world since 1950. Apart from that, Dunkin Donuts provides their loyal customers with baked goods, coffee, donuts, and bagels of high quality. However, they are immensely popular around the world [...]

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inside Pandora

During 1963, The Beatles' popularity with the British public, had reached levels of mass hysteria, never before seen. They had toured the UK throughout that year and in October had made their first overseas tour to Sweden. The British press had coined the phrase Beatlemania, due to the chaotic scenes that The Beatles endured wherever they went.

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Britney Begins Shooting HIAM Video!

Soooo exciting!!
Britney tweeted that she's already begun working on the video for Hold It Against Me, which will be directed by Jonas Akerland!
She said:
Day 1 of the HIAM shoot with Jonas. Such an incredible experience. I think this will be one of the best videos I have ever done. -Brit
Akerland also directed GaGa's Telephone video [...]


This is a big victory for the the heirs of Bob Marley.

A federal judge has ruled against a company that has been using the reggae legend's image in making and selling toys and apparel.

Leo Valencia, owner of Avela, has been ordered to pay Marley's family $300,000 in damages after the family complained that they didn't want to see Bob Marley's image portrayed on bobbleheads and plush toys.

The judge is expected to award more damages after determining if there was more profit lost because of unfair competition.

This is huge for the family considering just a few months ago they lost a lawsuit in obtaining the rights to some of Marley's most famous songs.

Such a shame, but at least they won this time.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why Do We Get Songs Stuck In Our Heads?

A guitar is a precision instrument and needs looking after, just like a car it need a service to stay in working order and also like a car it will start acting abnormally such as handling, braking, excessive oil use etc the same happens to a guitar. Over time a guitar becomes tired, worn and begins to feel uncomfortable to play, this is when a guitar set-up is needed. Every decent guitar shop will offer a set-up service, not all are qualified guitar techs but should offer a basic guitar set-up service.

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Funk Guitar - Best Funk Guitarists of All Time

A clean guitar with new strings is a pleasure to play. There are some simple things you can do to get your guitar look and feeling clean whenever you need to replace your strings. A clean fretboard is essential to maintain the life of your new strings. These simple tips will keep your acoustic guitar in top condition.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

But what exactly is a chord? A chord is a collection of different tones that are played all at the same time in order to sound in harmony. And as you begin to learn playing the acoustic guitar, you will find that there are several major guitar chords to start with when you are learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

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How To Have A Great Party

Kevin Garnett was born in Greenville, South Carolina on May 19, 1976 to Shirley Garnett and O'Lewis McCullough. He got interested in basketball while in school. While in Mauldin High School, he played for three years until he was arrested for a racial fight in which he happened to be in the vicinity, although was not directly involved in the fight. He then moved to Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois to complete his senior year.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finding Electric Guitars for Sale

If you're a drummer you will know how hard it can be to find time for practicing. Drum sets are so big that you generally can't fit them in your house and they generally end up stored in your band room. The fact that drum kits are also rather noisy can also make it fairly difficult to find time to practice without disturbing anyone.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Favorite X Factor Performance Of The Weekend Was…

We have never been moved by Matt Cardle on X Factor, but his performance this weekend of The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) was breathtaking!
So nuanced! Sung so effortlessly!
So beautiful!
We're still not EXCITED by him, but great job!
Check it out (above)!
The only other performance we really liked this weekend… is below!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This hit the nail right on the head!

Already proving that she's more than just a one-trick pony, Cher Lloyd's performance of Empire State Of Mind showcased her wonderfully!

It started off simply - highlighting her voice - and then the performance incorporated more staging and other elements, which foreshadow the superstar that she's going to become once X Factor is over.

Other thoughts….

Rebecca was good, but she did not connect with us on that song. Paije was actually decent for the first time! And everybody else was inconsequential this show.

Check out Cher doing Alicia Keys and Jay-Z proud (above)!

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Parents Group Claims Glee’s GQ Pictures “Border On Pedophilia”

The Parents Television Council is slamming “Glee” for their sexy photo shoot featured in GQ magazine.  Read more and see the sexy pictures for yourself below! A group called The Parents Television Council says the photo shoot of Glee cast members Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith “borders on pedophilia.” How can this be [...]

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 5 Best Kids Karaoke Songs - Children Songs

If there is one band that the crowd goes crazy for, it is undoubtedly The Beatles! It was an English rock bad formed in Liverpool in the year 1960. The band consisted of four members in 1962 - John Lennon (played a rhythm guitar and also did vocals), Paul McCartney (played a bass guitar and also did the vocals, George Harrison (played a lead guitar and also did the vocals and finally Ringo Starr on the drums and also did vocals).

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The Importance Of Reading Guitar Lessons Reviews

While singing for an audience, the most important thing to do is select a song that the majority of an audience will most likely enjoy. It is thus good to decide the song based on the turnout of audience. It should not be difficult to determine the taste and likes of the crowd if most of them are your own friends - you have know them for long and you all perhaps have similar tastes. But if the members of the audience are mostly strangers or perhaps kids, you really should do a research on what they enjoy the most. You can read this article to learn the Top 5 Best Kids Karaoke Songs - Children Songs that many kids respond well to.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Beginner Piano Holiday Songs

Getting the permission to use a song can be a long, complicated and expensive process involving negotiation with the composer or publisher and the performers and owners of the recordings and usually involves extra fees each time the song is used. Knowing where to find good quality stock music can be helpful.

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Christmas Party Games For The Office

With everyone purchasing presents at this time of year in preparation for Christmas you can start to become very stressed and anxious. The problem is there is always several people who you hate purchasing for, not because you don't like them but unfortunately they are extremely difficult to purchase for. For many years I hated purchasing for any small children as I found it extremely difficult to buy for them. Over the last few years I've found it slightly easier to purchase for them and almost enjoy it now. I realised that I wasn't alone and there was probably many people who really didn't know what to purchase smaller children so I've written the following article to help inform you of a great present idea so I hope you find the following article informative and useful.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Detroit Tigers Manager Sparky Anderson Passes Away At 76

Sad news to pass along to baseball fans today … the iconic Detroit Tigers manager George Lee Sparky Anderson passed away today in his home in Thousand Oaks, CA at the age of 76. Yesterday his family revealed that Sparky was receiving hospice care due to his advancing dementia and, very sadly, he died today. [...]

Last night I met up with my dear friend Adriana for a dinner and catch-up session at a restaurant called Reservoir in Silver Lake, CA:

Unfortch, I was so wrapped up in our conversation that I failed to snap a pic of us hanging out together … but, I think this adorable pic of Adriana rockin’ her Wonder Woman Underoos back in the say will suffice. Big, exciting things are happening for AY these days and I’m so happy to hear that she is doing well. I wish we got to hang out more often but I’m very happy with the time we do get.

Tonight the Turtle Party will be gettin’ together for a Zombie movie night … should be fun. Temps are still in the record-breaking high 90s today. Zoiks! Happy Thursday!!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Halle Berry Reveals A Shocking New Look On The Set Of Her New Film

Halle Berry surfaced on the SoCal set of her new comedic film Truth or Dare and she was lookin’, well, different. For her new role, Halle has to wear a bit of prosthetic make-up and some severely augmented breasts which make her look like this: She is considered one of the most beautiful women in [...]

Sad news to pass along to baseball fans today … the iconic Detroit Tigers manager George Lee Sparky Anderson passed away today in his home in Thousand Oaks, CA at the age of 76. Yesterday his family revealed that Sparky was receiving hospice care due to his advancing dementia and, very sadly, he died today. It’s impossible to convey how important Sparky Anderson is to Detroit and baseball fans as a whole. We are all poorer for his loss today:

Sparky Anderson, the all-time leader among Tigers managers in victories, visibility and inimitable quotations, died today at his home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He was 76. Anderson’s death came one day after the family announced that he was receiving hospice care at his home because of complications from dementia. The family said that at Anderson’s request, there will be no funeral or memorial service. Anderson managed the Tigers from the middle of the 1979 season through 1995. His 17 seasons are most in club history. The runner-up is Hughie Jennings, who managed Ty Cobb’s Tigers for 14 seasons in the first part of the 20th Century. Anderson beat Jennings’ record for most victories by a Tigers manager by 200 (1,331-1,131). Throughout his years near or at the top of baseball through his 2000 election to the Hall of Fame, Anderson rejected the airs of celebrity, no matter how prominent he became. He forever seemed as happy to see people he knew — and didn’t know — as they did to see him. On trips to New York, he didn’t eat breakfast at the Tigers’ fancy hotel. He’d go across the street to Howard Johnson, where he would address his waiter by name as a friend. In countless such gestures, he succeeded in a mission he once imparted to his Hall of Fame catcher in Cincinnati, Johnny Bench: “As long as you remember where you are from, you will always know where you are going.”

Sparky Anderson is synonymous with Detroit baseball and I know his death is being felt by a lot of people back home. I’m really bummed that his family does not want to memorialize him … ‘cuz I know there are many, many people who would love to be part of a memorial service for Sparky. My dad took me to my first baseball game at the original Tigers Stadium when I was about 7 years old. Now, I’m not a big baseball fan but I do enjoy the games in person. We were mere feet away from Sparky Anderson and I remember how nice the man was to every single fan, old and young, that called out to him or reached out for a handshake. They don’t come classier than Sparky Anderson. He was as genuine as they come and a true role model for young people to emulate. Despite the fact that I’m not a big sports fan, I am truly heartbroken by the news of Sparky‘s death. There will never be another man like him … he will be sorely missed :(


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Kids Dance Classes - Facts Parents Should Know

Hello guys and welcome to my post focused to the new prototype that Microsoft is working on the XBox 720. Unless you have been living somewhere under a rock for the last decade then you certainly already know just how competitive the gaming industry is. That begin said 2 of the heavy weights continue to duke it out for worldwide gaming supremacy.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arts-and-Entertainment from

Each year from November 1 through to midnight November 30 is National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of people will attempt to write and submit a 50,000 word book. It's fun, it's crazy, it's fast. The idea is to concentrate on output rather quality; to spend the time creating rather than correcting. But...

William Howard Taft
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How To Make Rap Beats Online Easily

You do not have to deal with too much effort when you are trying to make hip-hop beats. All that you need to use is the right type of software for the job. You can use a convenient program like Dub Turbo to make hip-hop beats online and with ease. You can make hip-hop beats online by starting with a few things. You can first choose the specific type of beat that you want to work with. You can find something that relates to the sound that you want to have heard and adjust the individual tone as much as you want to.

John Constable
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Pieter Bruegel